Testimonials From Past Clients

My condo sold lats night, are you sitting down? $$$$$
How, you may ask did that happen? Well, I’d love to take all the credit but then I’d get conceited and that wouldn’t be pretty. So here is the Lambert. Super Simple Record Setting Condo Sales Method, in Three simple steps:

Step #1 Have a great condo… Step #2 Hire Tom McNeill. He is the Best. Step #3 Do what Tom says. I painted over my beautiful deep red wall in a bleach neutral colour Tom wanted. I packed up all my stuff and put it in storage, because Tom said. Simple, isn’t it? Maybe not easy, but simple.

Tom put it on MLS, which one can reasonably expect but he also spread the word and he seems to know every real estate agent in the area. I stayed with my sister for the duration. Tom was there every morning and evening to check the palace was just so.

When it comes time to sell, hire Tom and do what he says. I can’t recommend him enough. The selling price speaks to his abilities but he is also great to work with in what otherwise be a stressful situation.

Tom McNeill was an absolute joy to work with during the recent sale of my condo. From the initial consultation to the final handshake, he was the consummate professional. He took on the additional task of staging the unit, using his own collection of classic, elegant furniture. Not only did he make my condo look like the cover story of House and Home, he made all the pre-sale work an absolute breeze. From recommending a glass repair shop to replace a window to helping me choose light fixtures – he didn’t miss a single details. He made the stress of selling one’s home a fun adventure – especially when it came time to open multiple offers, all over asking! i would recommend Tom in a heartbeat!